finsago synthetics

finsago synthetics gives you the fuel for AI and deliver customized solutions that save real costs and drive real results. Share data without limitations, eliminate biases, train machine learning algorithms or test and develop new products. And enrich your data with additional high-quality data sources.

Synthetic Data and Enrichments

Save time and data costs

Data scientists, actuaries, researchers and product managers get synthetic data according to their individual needs.

Share synthetic data without limitations:

  • for maximum privacy and data utility (instead of handing over sensitive datasets to external organizations)
  • across border and businesses

Eliminate biases with large synthetic datasets:

  • for claims predictions and
  • the pricing

Train machine learning algorithms, improve your AI/ML models or create new ML models:

  • for the dynamic price optimization (including up or cross selling)
  • for customer churn optimizations, identify behaviour patterns of potential churners
  • for fraud detection
  • for the customer service optimization, identify customer behaviour patterns

Test and develop new products:

  • with synthetic user data (e.g. for the digital banking)

Increase revenue

Enrich your data:

  • with our market price predictions per single customer profile, including seasonality
  • with user data (e.g. usage patterns), demand data or sentiment data (e.g. of user online criticism)
  • with our claims risk data per single customer profile (via price variances)
  • with geo location data from public databases and geographical claims risk predictions
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